Accenture Recruitment 2015 – 2016 Freshers 2013 2014 Passed Out

Accenture recruitment 2015 2016 Off campus placement drive for Engineering Degree holders 2013 2014 passedout

Accenture recruitment 2015 – 16 – Accenture is one of the leading IT company, which is favorite for most freshers and experienced candidates to work. Every year Accenture recruitment team recruits thousands of candidates all over the world for technical, BPO, KPO, technical support, HR and other job post. Apart from this direct recruitment, the company conducts Accenture off campus drive to recruit freshers directly from colleges. Everyone wants to make their job career path in good industry, Accenture provides good career path for each and every employee who are working there and who are willing to work. Accenture directly recruits the employee through the Accenture direct recruitment.
Accenture recruitment 2015 HR Interview tips questions
Accenture direct recruitment notification is available in the below link. Freshers, passed out and experience who are very interested to get job in Accenture, just follow the below procedure. Recently the company announces the accenture recruitment 2015 notification for various post technical specialist, lead engineer, senior consultant, Associate, Product Specialist, HR and various job post. In the below we have given the full details about Accenture recruitment online registration, procedure and other process. Through this link freshers, experienced and passed out can also apply for various post in Accenture. Accenture recruitment application form is available online, so candidates can apply for Accenture recruitment 2015 through online only.

Accenture recruitment 2015 registration apply online for BPO KPO Technical support executive HR various jobs recruitment

The Accenture job vacancies are available all over the India. Candidates can apply for Accenture recruitment 2015 according the vacancies and region. Location and job profile details are clearly given in below link itself. If you qualification fulfills the recruitment you can apply for Accenture recruitment 2015.
Accenture recruitment 2015 online registration
To apply for job in Accenture, candidates have to complete the Accenture recruitment 2015 online registration 2015. Here in the below by following the procedure you can complete Accenture recruitment 2015 online registration. Candidates can apply for various jobs in Accenture only after completing the Accenture recruitment online registration.

  1. Step – Click the link which is given here. Accenture recruitment online registration application form
  2. Step – Click the link regarding job alert for registration.
  3. Step – Click register now for the candidates not registered in Accenture.
  4. Step – After a page will be open, in that page fill the details such as User name, password, E mail ID and all required details.
  5. Step – Then click Register to complete your Accenture recruitment 2015 online registration.

After your account will create for Accenture recruitment, you can search the job vacancies directly from you user account. If vacancies are available you can apply online for Accenture recruitment. And in the official website of Accenture you can search and find jobs in the company. Current Accenture jobs are available in Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and many.

Click the above link, you will be directed to Accenture Recruitment 2015 page where you can see the job category, eligibility, location and other details. And you can search for various jobs available in Accenture recruitment 2015. In the above link the company itself update its Accenture recruitment notification periodically either walk in or off campus according to vacancies.

Accenture recruitment 2015 process procedure

The Accenture selection process is given in the below. This procedure is for Accenture direct recruitment 2015, candidates who are apply for job through the above are selected through the below Accenture recruitment 2015 procedure.

  • You can apply for the desired job to improve your career in Accenture through its career section.
  • Submit the recently updated Resume with the required details with detailed information and the experience details for the applied job.
  • The recruiter of Accenture will screen all the applications received and if your resume and experience meet our requirement, the technical panel/ recruiter will contact for further details.
  • You will be called for technical interview and you can express yourself with your technical skills and the other questions asked.
  • At the personal interview the recruiter and you can know about each other. He will come to about your career goals, strengths and more. You can also quiz the recruiter about anything that you like to know about the job, company, your position and more.
  • Finally you will be offered the for the desired position of job to become a part of the Accenture Corporation.

Accenture recruitment process for off campus, placement drive will be vary. This is Accenture selection process for direct recruitment where candidates are directly called from Accenture HR Department.

Accenture Recruitment 2015 – 2016 Accenture interview tips question and answer

First round is technical round where candidates will fully tested in technical field which he/she choose. The technical question will be asked from the below for programming, developers and technical jobs.

Programming based –  Structure and constructs of Computer Programs, Programming flow, Procedures, Functions and Arguments, Asymptotic Notation, Compilation, Linking and Execution; debugging, kinds of errors, Methods Data-types, how data is stored in computers, input/output, manipulation, methods of referencing and assessing data (including pointers). Iteration, decision-making, recursions Algorithm Complexity: Space and time Complexity.
Data Structure and Basic algorithm –  Linked lists, Arrays, Queues, Stacks, Trees, Heaps, Hash tables, graphs,Data retrieval, Insertion of new data, merging of data from two data structures, Data search and sorting, Methods of array sorting and trade-of, Stress on which data structure to use for a given application.
Object Oriented Programming Concepts – Classes, objects and methods, Data Encapsulation, Data hiding, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Overloading, Abstraction, Second Section

Accenture recruitment 2015-16 – Accenture sample technical questions
Swap Programs?
Fibonacci Numbers?
Floyds triangle program?
Factorial Program?
What is the difference between Intranet and Extranet?
What are the types of networks?
Define Socket?
What is port?
Difference between Tcp and Udp?
Define XML?
Explain OOPs Concept?
What are the advance technologies in Java?
What is the difference between C and C++?
What are the types of testing?
What are the types of OSI Layers?
What is Data structure?
What are the types of Data structure?
Define SDLC?
Project Explain Your Current Project?
Accenture HR interview tips – Accenture interview questions and answer
After technical round candidates will be called for the HR round. In HR round candidates quality, personality, leadership and other personal skills.
Accenture recruitment 2015 - 16 Freshers 2013 2014 passed out

Accenture HR interview questions
Tell me about yourself?
Why should we hire you?
Will you go outside if you are posted there?
Why you came to software field?
Why you don’t go for MS?
What are your achievements?
What are Strengths and Weakness?
What are your Hobbies?
What do you know about Accenture?
What is your biggest regret in life?
Give us two of your biggest strengths and weaknesses.
Illustrate a few of your qualities which fall in line with Accenture’s vision statement.
What do you think about Accenture?
What are three things that your friends will say about you?
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
What do you think are the qualities that define a Team Leader?
How do your strengths overpower your weaknesses?

About Accenture

Accenture is one of the most leading professional services companies, with capabilities in consulting, strategy, digital, technology and operations. Accenture will help the organizations to maximize their performance and to achieve their vision. Accenture is the leading company which uniquely differentiated in the marketplace through trusted client relationships, industry differentiation, global footprint, technology leadership and operational excellence. Accenture is focused on maximizing the differentiation and competitiveness, and continue to make significant investments in the areas of training, acquisitions, emerging technologies, offerings and assets, and more.

Industry Types – IT, Consulting.
Founded on – 1989.
Founder – Clarence DeLany, Arthur E. Andersen.
Head Quarters – Dublin, Ireland.
Services – Professional services, Technology services.
Number of Employees –  323,000.
Slogan – High Performance. Delivered.
Awards and Recognition for Accenture.

Accenture 2015 recent award list

  • Accenture was named No. 9th in top 50 companies by Diversity by DiversityInc in the year 2013.
  • In the year 2014, Accenture was recognized as a leader for Worldwide Cloud Professional Services by research firm IDC.
  • Accenture was ranked at 339 on the Focus Global 2000 list in the year 2014.
  • In the 2015, the Ethisphere Institute awarded Accenture as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for the 8th time.

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